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We do treat all kinds of chronic diseases with pure Unani herbal medicines. We treat PCOD, infertility, impotence, high blood pressure, obesity, tumors and cancers etc.For any queries related to medical, health and beauty problems kindly write to fcpum@ymail.com or Call +91-9700322999. For online Food-and-Nutrition Therapy Consultation, kindly e-mail your full clinical data and problems to us. We will prescribe Food and Nutrition Therapy to you according to your problem...

Few testimonials are given below. In few cases, photos are not given on patients request & even their addresses are not given on privacy basis.


Mrs. Nazima, a 38 year old lady from NAU number basti of Rajendernagar Hyderabad approached with confirmed BREAST CANCER. She was given the course of Unani herbal medicines, diet therapy and the size of the lesion reduced by 85% in 3 months' course and totally disappeared in 4th months.

Ms. Asiya Nihal, 14 year old girl from Nampally Hyderabad visited our clinic for the treatment of POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN DISEASE and was treated with FOOD AND NUTRITION THERAPY along with UNANI MEDICINES. She was completely cured within 2 month's course by the grace of Almighty.

Mr. Amir a 23 year old young person from Langerhouse Hyderabad with constant HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE (176/102mmHg) visited our clinic for the treatment of HYPERTENSION. A course of Unani medicines , diet therapy , Hijama therapy was given for 21 days and his BP recorded normal and remained normal after stopping the course after 4 months by the grace of Almighty.

Mrs. Asra from Golconda Hyderabad,43 year old lady was treated for uncontrolled HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE and got cured in 3 months' course of Unani medicine , diet and Hijama therapy.

At least 5 patients from Warangal and Hyderabad who were suffering from GASTRIC and DUODENAL ULCER and EROSION with HYPERACIDITY were treated successfully in 4 months. They were completely cured.

Mr. Abdul Azeez ,39 year old from Hanamkonda was advised to undergo surgery for severe CERVICAL SPONDYLITIS.  He was treated with Unani medicines, Hijama and certain exercises and other specific treatments. He got relived of all of his symptoms within a month's main course followed by 2 follow up courses. Now he has no problem even after one and half year of treatment.

Mrs. Fatima , a 49 year old from Asif Nagar of Hyderabad had very high CRP level due to RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS which was brought down to normal level within 40 days of the course comprising Unani medicines, Food and Nutrition Therapy.

Mr. Zakir , 49 year old patient from Banjara Hills had very high level of WBC due to LEUKEMIA which was reduced by 85% with HIJAMA THERAPY alone in two sessions by the grace of Almighty.

Shareefa , 50 year old lady from Shah Ali Banda area of Hyderabad visited for the treatment of OBESITY. After taking a course of Unani medicines, food therapy , and specific breathing techniques for one month, she reduced 5 kg in a month.

Mrs. Sagheera Begum , 74 year old lady from Jhirra area of Hyderabad contacted us for the treatment of CHOLELITHIASIS , LEFT RENAL CALCULUS (STONE IN KIDNEY) , COLITIS , ENDOMETRIAL MASS (ENDOMETRIAL NEOPLASM) with UNCONTORLLED DIABETES AND HYPERTENSION.  A course of Unani medicine with food therapy was given to her and she got cured of all of her problems. Blood glucose level and high bold pressure too came down to the normal level.

Basma , a 42 year old lady from Mallepalli area of Hyderabad had a FIBROCYSTIC BREAST DISEASE  and took a course of Unani medicines along with food therapy and she got complete cure in 4 months by the grace of Almighty.

Mrs. Sarmin , 39 year old lady from Hyderabad visited our clinic for her HYPOTHYROIDISM , THYROIDITIS related problems. Her TSH level was > 150.0 mIU/ml. A course of Unani medicine with Hijama therapy and diet therapy brought down the abnormal level to 

Mr. Sami ,49 year old male form Husaini Alam visited our clinic for the treatment of CYST IN THYROID GLAND and ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION. He was given a 3 months' course of Unani medicines etc. He was completely cured in 3 months.

Mr. Srinu , 37 year old from Uppal,Hyderabad visited for the treatment of ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION. He was treated with specific Unani medicine internally and externally. He got very good result in 3 months' course.

Amatullah 48 year old lady from Brindawan colony , Tolichowki , Hyderabad was fade up with the continous treatment with anti-psychiatric and anti-epileptic drugs as she used to fell down and become unconscious for 5 to 10 minutes , 3 to 5 times in a day. We started her treatment with detoxification , Hijama , and sspecific Unani medicines and she became totally normal and stopped all of her Allopathic medicines. Now she is not having any kind of problem related with EPILEPSY etc

Mr. Nadir , 34 year old person from choti Saraye , Hyderabad visited our clinic for the treatment of RESIDUAL BRAIN TUMOUR with the symptoms of eye twitching , improper gait , improper speech, sever headache and multiple epileptic episodes a day. He was given Unani medicines etc and all of his symptoms were relived by 75% in 3 months' course

Hanana , 23 year old girl from Langer house area of Hyderabad was treated for POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN DISEASE and got cured in 4 months.

Badar Begum , 62 year old lady was treated for her uncontrolled diabetes though she was on OHA and insulin. We had given an add-on therapy of Unani medicines for 4 months with all diet guide line etc. and she became insulin-free. Now she is only on OHA and her blood glucose is under control.

Mr. Shamshul Islam , 39 year old man from Chanchalguda was treated for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)  and GASTRIC EROSION. He was suffering from this problem since 5 years. After taking the course of Unani medicines , Nutrition therapy and following the diet guid line , he was completely cured in 5 months.

Mrs Jameela , 41 year old lady from Amravati , Maharashtra was treated for CHRONIC ALLERGIC SINUSITIS , SEVERE HEADACHE with Unani medicine and food therapy. She got complete cure in 2 months' course.

Mr. Ahraar , 47 year old patient from Wani town of Yawatmal district of Maharashtra was treated with FOOD and Nutrition therapy and Unani medicines for his GOUT and got complete cure in 40 days treatment by the grace of Almighty.

Mr. Talat , 48 year old from Ethopia visited our clinic for the treatment of SLEEP APNOEA and Mrs. Naida , 43 year old from Hyderabad too visited for the similar problem. The Unani treatment was given to both and both have got cured in 3 months' course. Mr. Talat was on C-PAP and other medicines before our treatment.

Mr. Moeed , 26 year old from Dubai was treated for severe lumbar disc prolapse and its related symptoms.He was advised surgery before our treatment. A course of Unani medicines was given along with certain techniques of alternative medicines and he got cured of his symptoms.

45 year old diabetic lady Mrs. Noor from USA consulted online for MICROALBUMINURIA  and uncontrolled DIABETES which was cured only by food and nutrition therapy and she was able to stop her insulin.

Mrs. Shabeera , 62 year old lady from Murad Nagar , Hyderabad visited our clinic for the treatment of MULTIPLE GALLSTONES and all the stones were expelled from the gall bladder after the course of Unani medicines , Food and Nutrition therapy .

Mr. Jani bhai , 72 year old man from a village of Kadappa district of Andhra Pradesh was treated for very CHRONIC ECZEMA and DERMATITIS with Unani medicines and a very positive and encouraging results seen in 15 days of the course. He got cured in 3 months' treatment.

Mr. Murtadha , 67 year old non-diabetic patient who was bed ridden for MULTIPLE NON-HEALING GANGRENOUS WOUNDS was successfully treated with Unani medicines etc.

Mr. Murali , 43 year old patient from Mysore , Karnataka was treated for PIGMENTED VILLONODULAR SYNOVITIS (PVNS)with Hijma for the instant relief in pain and swelling which was observed merely within one session. He was given a course of Unani medicine and symptomatic ally he was relived by 70% in one month's course.

Kanta Bai , a non-diabetic 68 year old lady from Gulbarga, Karnataka visited our clinic for 5 year old NON-HEALING WOUND. She took number of treatment from so many hospitals and clinics but it remained unhealed. A course of Unani medicines , diet therapy etc was given and she has got very encouraging positive result in two and a half month. She stopped taking treatment due to her personal reasons.

Shaukatunnisa Begum , 59 year old lady from Ahmad nagar , Hyderabad visited for a CYST on palm. She was treatd with Unani medicine and got complete cure.

Babay Farah Mateen 7 and half year old girl from Panjagutta, Hyderabad , and Madhukar Samuel , a 12 year old boy from Singapore , both were treated for BED-WETTING with Unani medicines. Both of them got cured in 3 months' course.

Mr. Siraj , 29 year old patient from Shaikhpet Hyderabad was given a course of Unani medicine , food and nutrition therapy for his frequently forming KIDNEY STONES over 6 years. He had mutiple treatment including surgery , laser therapy etc. After our course no stone formation obsereved in 2 years of duration

Baby Afrah , 8 year old was treated with Unani medicine etc for STAMMERING and she improved by 60% in 2 and a half month's course.

Mrs. Ishrat Jehan , 59 year old lady was treated for CALLUS on finger with Unani medicines which was completely removed in 1 week.


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