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We do treat all kinds of chronic diseases with pure Unani herbal medicines. We treat PCOD, infertility, impotence, high blood pressure, obesity, tumors and cancers etc.For any queries related to medical, health and beauty problems kindly write to fcpum@ymail.com or Call +91-9700322999. For online Food-and-Nutrition Therapy Consultation, kindly e-mail your full clinical data and problems to us. We will prescribe Food and Nutrition Therapy to you according to your problem...
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Welcome To The Fatima International Prophetic and Unani Medicines Clinic

Introduction of Unani Medicine :

The Unani system of medicines is Greek system of medicine. Hippocrates (460-377 BC)- the Greek philosopher and physician, also called  and known as “ Father of medicines “ introduced this system of medicine. He freed the medical field from the realm of superstition, magic etc and gave it the true status of science. The theoretical and practical framework of Unani Medicine is mainly based on the teachings of Hippocrates. Other Greek physicians e.g. Dioscorides, Galen ( 131 -210 AD ) enriched the system considerably with there theoretical views and experiences. Arab Physician like Rhazes ( 850 – 925 AD ), Avicenna ( 980 – 1037 AD ) Abulcasis (Abul Qasim Zahravi ) and many other physicians constructed an important edifice. Unani System of Medicines got enriched by imbibing what was best in the contemporary system of traditional medicines in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Persia, India, China and other middle east and far east countries.
Now a days this system is mainly practiced in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and some other countries of the world. In India Unani System of medicine was introduced by Arabs. The system progressed in India a lot. During the 13th and 17th century the system has its hey-day in India. Among those who made valuable contributions to this system into period were Abu Bakr Bin Ali, Usman Ksahani, Sadruddin Damashqi, Bahwa Bin Khwas Khan, Ali Geelani, Akbar Arzano, Mohammed Hashim Alvi. The one popular name among the Indian Unani Physician is Hakeem Ajmal Khan ( 1868 – 1927 ) who championed the cause of the system in India.

The herbs prescribed by Unani Physicians ae mainly from Arab countries and India. The scholars and physicians of this system who settled in India were not content with the known drugs. They subjected Indian drugs ( herbs ) to clinical trials. The medicines prescribed by Unani Physician are based on clinical trails and own experiment but the system now a days has got modern methods of clinical trials and experiment on animals. The system and the medicines are scientifically proved.

During the British rule, Unani Medicines suffered a set back and its development was hampered due to withdrawal of government patronage. The sharfi family ( Delhi ), the Azizi family ( Lucknow ) and Nizams of Hyderabad made lot of efforts to save this system.

The Unani system of Medicines is also called Graeco-Indo-Arabian Medicine. The so called Modern medicine or Allopathy has its root from Unani and Ayurvedic medicines.

Ibn Rushd ( Averoes, 1120 – 1198, Moorish, Spain ) wrote Al – Kulliyat ( The Fundamentals ) or Colliget in five volumes Al-Razi ( Rhazes ) wrote a medical encyclopedia called  “ Continens ” with many excerpts from Ayurveda, and Greek medical sources along with his personal experience and theories and opinions. Avecenna ( Ibn Senna ) wrote five volumes of “ The Canon ” or AL – QANOON which became a standard textbook in Europain medical schools. It is the basic book of theoretical part of Unani medicines.

The four element, the four humors, the four temperaments, the four faculties, the four principal vectors of all bodily function, the vital principals, the organs, when all of the seven natural factors work together in a balanced and harmonious manner, there is health and homeostasis. When any one of these seven natural factors or there essential components ceases to function, there is death.

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